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Game Week 38 / End of Season REVIEW ⚽

The end is here, and Man City are well deserved winners of the Premier League. All three promoted teams survived as West Brom, Stoke and Swansea were relegated.

After game week 38 the final Top 5 managers in our league are as follows;

Pos Manager Team Name Points
1 Jack M Bacon Mbappe 2367 pts
2 Joe D No Kane No Gain 2336 pts
3 Δ Tom H Greg’s Rude Z-Skis 2333 pts
4 Δ Ad R Die Dave☆☆☆☆ 2321 pts
5 Chris K ManéKantéBaillyKlaas 2321 pts
318 Δ Scott Lowes – Levitate Kerimoglu Delight 1962 pts

Manager of the Week

There were joint managers of the week this week who both scored 105 points.

Jacob Leone (Beating Chastards) – his captain Aubameyang scored him 16 points. Elsewhere he has 2 players scoring 18 points with another 2 players scoring double figures.

Andy Singleton (SubStandard de Liège) – remarkably he captained the player of the week, Robertson who scored him 36 points. He had 4 players who scored double figures and made the team of the week.


1st Place – Jack Moseley (Bacon Mbappe) – £500

2nd Place – Joe Douglas (No Kane no Gain) – £200

3rd Place – Tom Haines (Greg’s Rude Z-Skis) – £100

Top at Xmas – Sean Zurawski (Woke City FC) – £100

Most Manager of the Weeks – Tom Haines (Greg’s Rude Z-Skis) – £100

Congratulations to all of the winners.

Thank you to all that have been part of our fantasy league for 17/18. We look forward to next year where there will be even more prizes up for grabs.


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