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May 2021 Competition – Win 4x £50 Vouchers


Last April we were at the start of the 1st national Lockdown and we ran a competition asking what people would be watching/doing and any advice they could give to get through the lockdown. 12 months on, as we edge towards freedom from lockdown🤞, we thought it would be interesting to see how the answers differed.


As the hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit, as a prize this time we thought we would offer restaurant vouchers for 4 lucky winners.


    So we can contact the winner:


    What film have you watched and would recommend?

    What TV series have you watched and would recommend?

    What album got you through the lockdowns?

    What have you found hardest or missed the most during the lockdown/pandemic?

    What have you learnt, liked or a positive from the lockdown/pandemic?

    What challenges are you seeing or feel your profession will face coming out of the pandemic?

    Where is the first place you will go once we are able to move freely?

    What is the first thing you plan on doing once you are able to do so?

    How are you doing? How are you finding things?

    What advice/tips do you have for anyone who may be struggling during lockdown?

    How do you feel your employer has handled the Covid 19 issue with its employees?

    What is your ideal when we start to get back to normal? WORK FROM HOME, OFFICE BASED or a MIX OF BOTH

    How can we improve?

    We want to position ourselves as the 'go-to' recruiter for Insolvency, Restructuring and Accountancy Practice professionals. We feel we are well-positioned to be the best option for individuals looking to make a career move, however, we always want to improve.

    What is one thing you do not like about recruitment agents?

    What one piece of advice could you give a recruitment agent that would make you use them as your chosen recruiter?

    Would you like to receive future career emails from Levitate Recruitment?

    *Terms: This competition is only open to those that work for an Insolvency/Restructuring Specialist, Accountancy Practice, Corporate Finance Boutique or Tax Practice in the UK and Ireland. The winner will be selected at random on 1st July 2021. 4 winners will win a £50 voucher for a restaurant/bar of their choice. No cash alternatives will be offered.




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