Corporate Insolvency Manager///

I applied for a role on Levitate’s website and was contacted by Scott soon after.

Scott immediately recognized my strengths, skills and capabilities and his communication and social skills are absolutely flawless. I was briefed, in detail, before and after my interview and contacted by both email and phone when we weren’t chatting over a latte at the local coffee house.

He matched both my skills and personality to the right role and company and I am very happy at my current firm.

Scott truly has your best interest at heart and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him. His extensive knowledge of the recruitment and insolvency market is very impressive and he is a valued person to know. It is very refreshing to deal with somebody so down to earth and honest and so committed to their work.

Levitate Recruitment exceeded my expectations by a country mile and made my search for a new position easy, enjoyable and ultimately very rewarding. I thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking for a new challenge in their career. Make sure to keep an eye out for their blog posts too!