Finding the Right Balance:



Finding the Right Balance: Office Visibility and Career Progression

Over the last few months, a recurring theme among candidates has been the frustration of not being promoted or progressing in their careers. While there can be various reasons for this, one factor that often goes unnoticed is the impact of physical presence in the office. With many firms adopting flexible work-from-home policies, it’s important to strike the right balance between remote work and being present in the office.

The Visibility Factor

Working from home offers numerous benefits – flexibility, comfort, and a better work-life balance. However, one of the unintended consequences of remote work can be reduced visibility. When you’re not physically present in the office, it can be harder for decision-makers to notice your contributions. This doesn’t mean that your work is any less valuable, but out of sight can sometimes mean out of mind.

Why Presence Matters

  • Spontaneous Interactions: Being in the office allows for spontaneous interactions with colleagues and superiors. These interactions can lead to mentorship opportunities, insights into upcoming projects, and chances to showcase your abilities in real-time.
  • Building Relationships: Physical presence helps in building stronger relationships with your team. It’s easier to establish rapport and trust when you regularly interact face-to-face, making it more likely that your efforts will be recognized and rewarded.
  • Demonstrating Commitment: While working from home can demonstrate flexibility and self-motivation, being in the office shows a level of commitment and eagerness to engage with the team and company culture directly.

Reflect and Adjust

If you’re feeling stuck in your career progression, take a moment to reflect on your current work habits. Ask yourself:

  • Am I making the most of my office days? Ensure that when you are in the office, you’re fully engaged and taking advantage of the opportunities to interact and contribute.
  • Can I increase my office presence? While it might not be necessary to be in the office every day, consider if there are strategic times or days when being present could make a difference.
  • How visible is my work? Even when working remotely, find ways to ensure your contributions are visible. Regular updates, participation in meetings, and proactive communication can help keep you on the radar.

Taking Action

If you acknowledge that increasing your office presence could benefit your career, make a conscious effort to adjust your schedule. Communicate with your manager about your intentions and seek their input on the best times to be present. It’s not about abandoning remote work, but about finding the right balance that allows you to maintain visibility and take advantage of in-person opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Career progression is a multifaceted journey, and while remote work offers great benefits, it’s important to stay mindful of how physical presence can impact your career development. By finding a balance that works for you, you can ensure that you remain visible, engaged, and on the path to achieving your professional goals.

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My views are based on my 17 years+ of recruiting for Accountancy Practice and Insolvency professionals.

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