'Hidden' Job Opportunities


‘Hidden’ Job Opportunities

Not seeing a job advert that matches your career aspirations?

The accountancy and insolvency job markets are as busy as they have ever been. Just because you can’t see a job description that ticks all your career aspirational boxes doesn’t mean that opportunity is not out there.

For one; job descriptions can be typically generic in nature and are often reused by firms over several years to advertise a set job title. Most of the time the person the firm hires is not the one that best matched the job description. A firm will take the best person for their business and can mould the role around that individual.

In a market where Accountancy and Insolvency professionals are in high demand, firms are scrambling to attract the best in the industry by defining job roles around the best candidates in the market.

Secondly, a large percentage of job opportunities are not actively advertised.

Some firms may not advertise themselves and only reach out to specialist recruiters about their current and future requirements to ensure they can review relevant/suitable applicants as opposed to wasting time sifting through the hundreds of irreverent ones that an advert attracts.

Additionally, Specialist Recruitment Companies (such as Levitate Recruitment) maintain regular contact with Partners and Hiring Managers across a range of firms. Within the Accountancy and Insolvency market we are; kept informed of the type of professionals they would be interested in speaking with even if they don’t have an active need and we are advised of future growth plans/timeframes and what their staffing requirements will be. Another reason some businesses will sometimes not have an active advert in the market is that they want to keep the role from being public knowledge to avoid internal issues.

At Levitate Recruitment, c.70% of the people we have assisted secure a new job each year have joined a firm that didn’t have an active job advert in the public domain.

Knowing about these hidden/un-advertised jobs gives you a significant advantage in securing your next career move as you will be one of the first to know about it, resulting in less competition for the role.

Levitate Recruitment are a specialist recruiter within the Accountancy Practice and Insolvency market. If you would like to have a confidential conversation to discuss the type of opportunities that you would be interested in hearing about either now or in the future, then please let us know.

We understand that you may not be actively considering your career options at this time, however, we would still be interested in speaking with you even if you don’t feel you would be looking for a move in the next 18 months. This would enable us to keep you aware of any opportunities in the interim that met your aspirations.

For advice about your career options, speak to Scott Lowes at Levitate Recruitment, specialists in placing practice-trained accountants and insolvency professionals across the UK, and find the right role to suit your ambitions.