The Dangers of Starting Your Job Search

Before Resolving Internal Issues


The Dangers of Starting Your Job Search Before Resolving Internal Issues

In the landscape of career development, the decision to transition to a new job often comes with its share of contemplations and dilemmas. The precursor to this decision, as we’ve discussed in a previous post “From Breakup to Makeup: Rekindling Your Relationship with Your Job” (read here), lies in the power of internal resolution. But what happens when we rush towards a new opportunity without fully exploring solutions within our current role? The implications can be far-reaching, affecting not just our present circumstances but our professional reputation and future opportunities.

The Implications of Unresolved Issues

Embarking on a job search without first attempting to resolve existing issues can lead to a cascade of consequences:

  • The Time Investment: The job search process is intensive and time-consuming. If a resolution within your current role is possible, time spent exploring external opportunities might end up being unnecessary. This realisation, especially after receiving job offers, can lead to feelings of regret over wasted effort and resources.
  • The Ultimatum Approach: Resolving issues only when you’re at the brink of leaving places your employer in a reactive position. While it might yield a short-term solution, it sets a precedent that could harm your professional relationship. Will you need to signal your exit every time you need a change or improvement? This strategy is unsustainable and can erode trust and satisfaction in your role.
  • Potential Bridge Burning: The job search process involves multiple stakeholders, including potential future employers. Going through the motions of interviews and negotiations only to use an offer as leverage for a better deal at your current job can alienate those companies. They may feel used, damaging your reputation in the industry and closing doors to future opportunities with those organisations.

A More Constructive Approach

The journey towards resolving workplace issues internally before considering a move is not just about maintaining professional etiquette; it’s about fostering a culture of open communication and mutual respect. It’s about allowing your current role and employer to address your concerns, which might lead to a more satisfying and enriching professional experience without the need to transition.

  • Reflection and Communication: Reflect on your core reasons for considering a move. Is it salary, progression, work-life balance, or perhaps the work culture? Engaging in open dialogue with your employer about these issues can sometimes lead to surprising resolutions that make a job search unnecessary.
  • Professional Growth Within: Many times, the desire for a new job stems from a need for professional growth or new challenges. Explore whether such opportunities exist within your current organisation. You might find unexplored avenues for advancement that align with your career aspirations.
  • Building a Legacy of Professional Integrity: Navigating internal resolutions before jumping ship demonstrates a commitment to professional integrity. It shows future employers that you value resolution and loyalty, traits highly sought after in any industry.


The decision to leave should come after all avenues for resolution have been explored internally. This approach not only ensures that you’re making a move for the right reasons but also preserves valuable professional relationships and your reputation in the industry. Remember, a well-considered decision, rooted in clear communication and genuine attempts at resolution, paves the way for a more fulfilling career trajectory, whether it leads you to new ventures or deeper engagement with your current role.

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My views are based on my 17 years+ of recruiting for Accountancy Practice and Insolvency professionals.

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